Celebrities With Las Vegas Residencies

Which artists have Vegas residencies?

Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest names in music like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Carrie Underwood, Lionel Richie, and more celebrities with Las Vegas Headliners. What best concert venues in Las Vegas for residency artists? Las Vegas is renowned for hosting residencies for some of the world’s most famous artists. Some venues have particularly notable reputations for hosting these extended runs of performances. Here are some of the best concert venues in Las Vegas known for hosting residency artists:

It’s worth noting that Las Vegas is always evolving, with new venues opening and others undergoing renovations or changes in management. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check current listings and reviews to get the latest insights into the best venues for residencies at any given time.

Las Vegas Residency Artists

Here you’ll find hundreds of events happening in Las Vegas. Discover Las Vegas current shows, residency headliners, concerts and music festivals, stand-up comedians, car shows, and sporting events to which team the Las Vegas Raiders are playing in the entertainment capital of the world. There’s no denying that Las Vegas is jam-packed with things to do, but with some of music’s most talented artists signed to residencies, there is all the more reason to plan a trip.

George Strait

location T-Mobile Arena

Lionel Richie

Dates: January 26, 2022 – April 9, 2022
location Encore Theater


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